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"Tracey and her assistance could not have come at a better time for me, she has helped me prioritise and refocus on matters of importance and been a fantastic support to me, and through me gymnasts and the rest of the staff at DGC! The opportunity to have access to Tracey has made it so much clearer the impact and significance of having access to ongoing consulting, especially in our 'rural', small but re-emerging community".


Special Olympics Program

The gymnastics program delivered at Officer Specialist School was absolutely fantastic! The coach, Tegan, was able to cater for the diverse needs of our students and facilitated a structured, yet adaptable, program. She was very organised, sending through weekly lesson plans, bringing required equipment, making certificates for all of the students and even providing parents with information about the benefits of gymnastics. The activities were very engaging for the students and each child made progress in their skills over the course of the seven weeks. All students and staff enjoyed the experience and we look forward to working with Gymnastics Central and Special Olympics Australia again in the future!

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